Experience and an international network of medical experts in more than 20 countries ensures we can answer all your questions and keep you safe in critical situations.

Things like the sudden appearance of disease or long-term battles with illness conditions can disrupt the rhythm of everyday life.

You may find you need to reorganize your daily life, arrange medical treatments, rehabilitation, therapies and care or find a suitable nursing home.

You may need to rearrange work and holiday plans. These things can happen to anyone.

You may not understand what’s going on, or feel alone and powerless.

We can find out what options are available and who can provide them.

After determining the “what” and the “who”, we’ll start searching for details:

How safe are the services?

Are results guaranteed?

What do other users think?

What do experts think?

Finally, we will ask the all-important question: Can this service be provided faster and at a lower price?

If you’re facing seemingly unmanageable organizational problems, we will solve them for you.

There are many medical services on the market. It’s debatable whether all of them are really necessary.

On the other hand, the demand for some services exceeds supply, making prices unacceptably high.

With our help, you’ll find the right treatment, examinations, care services, therapies or rehabilitation programms.

Sometimes you want or need medical services that fall outside the remit of your family doctor, medical institution or outpatient care.

We will search for you to find the best solutions. We will recommend the necessary experts and make them accessible, both nationally and internationally.

To avoid any nasty surprises, we provide a plan to manage your treatment costs.

We perform regular quality controls and dynamically adapt to your changing needs.

It doesn’t matter which country you would like to receive treatment in; we’ll support you from selection to registration, assist you with paperwork and contact insurers to secure the financial side. It’s vital that all the necessary pre-treatment authorizations are completed before you leave.

We will support you in solving issues like getting your medical records accepted, finding referrals, additional treatments and changes to therapy. It’s particularly important to determine whether the authorities will pay directly or reimburse you.

Of course not. We have built up a huge network of experts in different countries.

We bear full responsibility for all our tasks and functions. All the time and everywhere!

Would you like to know more? We’d be happy to answer your questions!